• Baby Photography

    How can you not look into the sweet face of a little baby and just fall in love! Whether it is a newborn with the teeny squishy features or a six month old with the rolls that go on for miles, each tiny feature is precious and unique

    I love photographing newborn babies! Yes, the session can be quite challenging, and yes, it requires a lot of patience and waiting, but the end result is so worth it! It is great seeing those little six pound bodies photographed in Daddy's arms and comparing Mommy's fingers to the size of their little hands. We look back and we ask, "Were they really that small?" How would we ever remember if we did not capture it in photographs?

  • Newborn Session Tips

    I highly recommend that newborn sessions occur within the first ten days of life. You want to capture those teeny tiny features, and that loose wrinkly skin. All of these disappear so quickly! In addition, once past the ten day mark, newborns tend to become much more affected by environmental things like flashing lights, being naked and changing temperatures, all of which can affect the photography process.

    If possible, it is best that you call me while you are still pregnant. I will pencil you in on the calendar based on your due date, and we will keep in touch and coordinate once baby arrives!

    During that first year of life, you will be amazed at how much your baby grows and changes, right before your very eyes! I think it is very important to document these changes as they occur. Not only will these memories be special to you, but one day your child will look back and be amazed at how much hair they had, or how roly poly they were or even the color of their hair! All those things that change so quickly!