Family Photography

I love telling the story of families through my photography. Every family is different: there are families who laugh together, there are families who are quiet and reserved, there are families who are loud and boisterous, there are big families, there are small families, there are families who show their love openly and there are families whose love is deep and personal.

However you describe your family, I think it is important to capture all of your family's unique traits!

Family photography is the one thing that everyone always puts off. The excuses are numerous, "I have to lose ten pounds", "We might have another kid", "Johnny just lost his tooth", or "I don't like my haircut". I have heard them all! Every day changes are coming our way. Some impact our families and change them forever, while others make us reflect, and wonder what might have been. It is important to pause every once in awhile and capture those moments, before time passes and changes occur. Now is only here for a moment and then we move on.