Kids Being Kids

The thing I love most about kids is what you see is what you get. They have no filters like we do as adults. They speak their mind, no matter whatever comes to mind. To them life is simple!

For that reason, I encourage kids to come into the studio and act just like themselves. I know sometimes parents are embarrassed because their kid is running around in circles, or doing somersaults on my floor, or some have even been known to throw tantrums. The majority of the time, I just laugh! It does not bother me in the least that they are doing their own thing. It is who they are, and it is that personality that I want to capture.

One of the amazing blessings that came along with the digital photography world is the ability to take as many images as I want, without having to weigh the cost of each click. Yes, it costs me my time, but without this freedom, some of those crazy kid moments would have never been captured on film, because I could not be sure the parent was going to want it. Now, I click, click away! The result is that I not only capture personality, but I capture some of those Kids Being Kids moments, that are priceless!