• Brandi

    My passion in photography is capturing the personality of my clients! My true love is photographing babies, children and pets. Whether two or four legged, they always amaze me with their absolute love of life!

    I approach my portrait photography in a laid back, relaxed manner. You will typically find me in colorful Converse shoes on the ground, tickling, wrestling and playing with my little clients. I have been told more than once that I have the patience of a saint. I am not sure I would go quite that far, but I can definitely handle a lot.

    In my portrait sessions, the child runs the show. Although I will give suggestions on sitting, standing, smiling, etc, whatever the kiddo wants to do is fine with me. This is the best way to capture the true spirit of the child. I want parents to look back at their portraits and remember exactly who their child was at that age.

    I pour my heart and soul into the creation of every portrait that leaves our studio. From the initial snap of the camera shutter, to capturing your child's personality and carefully perfecting the image with retouching, all complimented by perfect printing, mounting, framing and display. I will insure that you will love and treasure your portraits for years to come.

  • Pete

    Pete is my best friend, my partner for life and my one true love! He is always my strongest supporter, my champion and my strength!

    We have been together since high school, and have been married for over ten years. Every year brings with it a new adventure. If you had asked us ten years ago, where we would be today, we never would have imagined that we would be here…BUT we would not change it for the world!

    While Pete has his day job, in corporate America as a Marketing Consultant, he still helps me a lot as our “behind the scenes" guy. He helps handle the back office stuff including financial accounting, framing, email messaging, slide shows, computer systems, or any other random projects I think of...which is way too many, and frequently off the wall!

    Our business would definitely not run as smoothly if we did not have Pete in our corner!

  • Tracy

    Tracy started out as a client almost nine years ago. Yes, she is still a client of ours and I have the honor of photographing her children multiple times a year!

    But, more importantly, she is our go-to woman! Tracy joined the studio three years ago as our right hand (and left hand) Office Gal! We would not survive every day without her. She is awesome at jumping in whereever we need her; trying new things, problem solving and helping us keep the business running smoothly!

    When Tracy joined our office, it was like she had always been there. Over the years photographing her kiddos, we had become more than just client and photographer, we had become friends. We both have that crazy, sarcastic, tell it like it is personality and value the simple things in life. These similarities make working together a breeze.

    Although the work is not usually the most glamorous of activities, what Tracy does for us is invaluable! She helps with packaging orders, mailings, tackling big projects, organizing client files, and especially, keeping our goodie bag inventory stocked and ready!

    Tracy is the oil that keeps us functioning like a well oiled machine!

  • Joey

    We have had Joey since he was a two pound puppy with white and black markings. Over the last eleven years, he has matured into a very distinguished young man with quite a bit of grey hair!

    Joey is a homebody. He is most at peace, and happiest, when he is at home, surrounded by his family. He has some interest in new people, but, after a few minutes of checking them out, he is ready to move on.

    Joey’s favorite toy, a stuffed Simba, can always be found close by. When challenged to find Simba, “Where’s Simba?” he is quickly on the case and always comes back carrying Simba in his mouth, accompanied with a big expression of accomplishment on his face.

    If Joey thinks you have a treat in your hand, he will do anything to get that treat from you. He will sit and stare at you, with a look that says “Look at me, I’m sitting!” If that does not work, he will lie down, continue to stare at you and then start to creep forward, continually sending you messages of “Look at me, look at me!” Either way, you will give in…Joey will get his treat!

  • Pebbles

    Meet Pebbles…she is a 6 year old ball of white fluff, with a sassy attitude and a joy for life and people.

    Miss Pebbles loves new people, especially kids! If you walk in the door, and she can get to you, you will be greeted with kisses, kisses and more kisses! If you are a kid (more her size), watch out…that tongue will be in your mouth, in your ears and up your nose! She wants to make sure that she welcomes and adores you!

    Pebbles likes to pretend that she is a big, strong dog with a take-no-prisoners attitude, but in truth, she is a big fat chicken! If there is a deer in the yard, or someone coming down the road, she might be barking, but she will be found at the top of the stairs, as far away from the action as possible.

    If you are ever feeling down, or even just in a funk, all you have to do is look at Pebbles. She will give you that look that says “I’m so cute” with her tail wagging 100 miles a minute or she will do something ridiculously funny. Either way, you will not be able to help yourself but to laugh and smile at her!

  • Bruiser

    Bruiser is our family clown. From his quirky expressions to his easy ability to get confused, he frequently has us in giggles many times a day!

    We have kept his hair long and crazy, because it suits his personality perfectly! So, although he might appear to be the largest of our three, four legged fur balls, he is actually the smallest, weighing in just under nine pounds.

    Bruiser’s name was originally chosen for its irony. We thought the littlest guy of the bunch would need a strong name. However, the joke was on us; Bruiser has proven to be the perfect name for our little bundle of white fur. He is not afraid of anyone, from two legged to four legged, from 100 pounds to 2 pounds. He’ll stick his face right in the mix, tongue going a mile a minute, until he convinces his “target” that it’s time to play! If you start a game of fetch, don’t even think you’re going to quit before he’s ready. He’ll pester you until you cave in and throw that toy again and again and again!

    However, Bruiser definitely lives in the “play hard, rest hard” world! For as much spunk and bounce as he might have in one minute, he’s sure to have that much crash and burn in the next!